NAUTECH is the largest in Russia and CIS countries aggregator of services for production of ASICs and provides a full range of services in ASIC design, prototyping, manufacturing, and packaging. The company offers solutions using layout design rules down to 16 nm, works directly with leading IP-vendors and plants and provides Russian companies with access to the production abroad.

NAUTECH is an official representative of IMEC (Belgium), the Europe’s largest aggregator of services for ASIC production with a direct access to the TSMC plant (Taiwan).

NAUTECH offers the following services in the field of ASIC design and manufacturing:

Design and manufacturing of ASICs:

  • Selection of the design flow and the technology process;
  • Placing orders at the plant;
  • ASIC prototyping within the multi-project runs (CyberShuttle/MPW);
  • ASIC manufacturing based on the full mask set (NTO, MLM), engineering lots, technological options, split conditions, services for wafer storage (wafer banking);
  • Runs with a modified mask set (RTO);
  • IPD technology for production of interposers and 3D ICs.

ASIC packaging at ASE (Taiwan) and Kyocera (Japan) plants:

  • Selecting the type of die mount (wire bond/flip chip) and the package material (plastic/ceramics);
  • Selecting out of different types of packages: common QFN / QFP, high-pin-count BGA / LGA and others;
  • Thermal analysis of packages, simulation of package in contact with the PCB (IBIS-model);
  • Design of the substrate and package, assembly of the die into the package, marking;
  • Design and manufacturing of multi-chip ASICs (SiP – System in Package);
  • Recruitment, development and delivery of test sockets.

Testing and verification of ASIC prototypes.

Serial production of dies and chips.