Design and production of large scale integrated circuits (ASICs) which includes logical and physical design, manufacturing of dies, packaging and testing of finished ASICs, requires coordination of a large number of partners specializing in IP-cores supply.

NAUTECH offers IP-cores from more than 30 suppliers from the United States of America, Canada, Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, Israel. The Company’s portfolio includes both logical (Soft IP) and physical (Hard IP) cores for the design of advanced ASIC and systems-on-chip (SoC).

NAUTECH provides the following services for the selection and delivery of IP-cores:

Selection of IP-cores in accordance with technical requirements and budget of the project.

Pre-sales support:

  • Consultations, supply of front-end descriptions for logic synthesis;
  • Providing results of testing in silicon;
  • Characterization of IP-cores and libraries;
  • Checking the compatibility of IP-cores and their configuration.

Access to technical information of the plant and IP-cores suppliers regarding the design rules, parameters of libraries and IP-cores.

Delivery of IP-cores for ASICs and SoCs design on technologies from 0.35 μm down to 16 nm directly from the IP-cores developers.

After-sales support: optimization of IP-cores and their collaboration, integration of IP-cores into the SoC, technical support (including support and updates of software for IP-cores), support in developing the physical design.