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13 September 2017

NAUTEСH has become official distributor for Dorado Design Automation in Russia

September 13th, 2017 – NAUTEСH Corporation, the largest Russian service aggregator for design and production of VLSI circuits, has become the official distributor for the semiconductor design software provider Dorado Design Automation, offering its Tweaker ECO platform for customers in Russia.

Dorado was started in 2003 with the vision of being an “ECO Company” (ECO – Engineering Change Order). In chip design industry ECO usually means the design phase in between the moment when the first version of place-and-route is executed, and the moment when the project is reconciled for meeting functional and timing requirements. ECO has always been considered as a design stage for making changes to the netlist of a finalized integrated circuit. Dorado expanded the scope for implementation of this phase by introducing the methodology of incremental optimization into design flow already at the first iteration of physical design, and the company devoted itself to providing solutions to the complete ECO scope.

The Tweaker platform is a set of tools that supports all possible incremental optimizations. Dorado also offers the main platform functionality expansions: Tweaker-P1 (optimization of power consumption in static – leakage current), Tweaker-P2 (optimization of dynamic power consumption with and without test vectors), Tweaker-C1 (optimization of clock trees – selection of wns, tns, nfe strategy), Tweaker-M1 (Metal ECO – ECO-synthesis and spare cells manipulation in the database of a project already released in silicon) and others.

The Tweaker ECO product family is used by various types of semiconductor companies around the globe, including IDM’s, foundries, and fabless companies, for addressing ECO issues at various technology nodes: scaling from 40nm, to 28nm and down to the most advanced 16nm and 7nm FinFET. Tweaker ECO is fundamentally architected for ECO incremental jobs, it optimizes critical parts of the design while bringing tangible benefits both to the teams of logic and layout designers, as it significantly reduces time to manufacture. The world’s largest pure-play semiconductor foundry TSMC relies on the Tweaker ECO platform in its Integrated Signoff Flow (ISF).

Dorado is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, with sales and local support in the US, Japan, India, China and Korea. In Russia since 2017 Dorado’s products are officially distributed by NAUTECH.


NAUTECH Corporation is the largest service aggregator for design and production of VLSI circuits in Russia.

NAUTECH offers a broad range of licensed IP-cores as well as services for development and production of ASICs and SoCs. Its portfolio includes soft IP and hard IP furnished by over 30 suppliers from the USA, Canada, Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, Australia and India.

Founded in 2008, NAUTECH now is the largest aggregator in Russia and CIS countries for VLSI circuits prototyping, production and packaging services, offering solutions up to 16 nm technology node.

NAUTECH is the official representative for IMEC (Belgium) in Russia and the CIS, thus having priority with TSMC (Taiwan) foundry services.


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