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IC services

NAUTECH CORPORATION provides IC foundry services, including IC prototyping and manufacturing at leading foundries, IC packaging and testing services and technology consulting. We work with the world’s leading semiconductor foundries and facilitates interaction with foundries for our clients. Our qualified staff help clients to select the foundry taking into account their chip design, the node, package type, total production volumes, production lot sizes, production lot frequency, supplier capacity and other considerations. This allows our clients to choose the best chip manufacturers that meet their project needs.

Our well-established testing infrastructure (CP/FT/RA) allows its customers to optimize costs for manufacturing of dies, packaged chips and microassemblies. We provide services for testing on wafers and circuite probe (OWT/CP), final testing (FT) and device qualification (to qualify both the device and package). Our goal is always to find ways to increase yields and reduce product costs for our clients. We’re always looking for ways to improve yields at all stages of production (fabrication, assembly, and test) and protect our customers from supply interruptions.

We offer chip packaging and assembly solutions for it’s clients at world leading packaging houses. Our engineers also provide technical support and consulting in package design, simulations, signal integrity and heat sink control, integration of multi-chip modules (MCM), systems in a package (SiP) and chiplets into 2.5D and 3D assemblies.

We offer:

IC design and prototyping services

IC foundry services

IC testing and qualification services

IC packaging services