IP licensing and consulting services

NAUTECH offers IPs from more than 30 vendors in the United States of America, Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, China and Australia. The company’s portfolio includes both Soft IP and Hard IP blocks for design of advanced IC and SoCs.

NAUTECH provides the following services:

IP selection:

  • evaluation of IP considering the technical requirements and project budget;
  • access to documentation;
  • providing results of silicon validation;
  • IP analysis and configuration for cross compatibility;
  • SoC and IP design support;
  • supply of design kits for RTL design and synthesis;
  • access to documentation, libraries and process design kits from foundry;
  • assistance in characterization of IP and libraries.

IP licensing:

  • full range of support in IP licensing flow;
  • IP delivery for IC and SoC design for process nodes from 0.35um down to 16nm directly from IP vendors.

After-sales support:

  • support in IP optimization, interfacing and compatibility;
  • integration of IPs into the SoC;
  • handling the updates of software for IPs.

IP consulting services:

  • assistance in questions of export/import;
  • registering of IC layouts and trademarks.