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IC testing and qualification services

IC testing

NAUTECH CORPORATION’s well-established testing infrastructure (CP/FT/RA) allows its customers to optimize costs for manufacturing of dies, packaged chips and microassemblies. We provide services for testing on wafers and circuite probe (OWT/CP), final testing (FT) and device qualification (to qualify both the device and package). Our goal is always to find ways to increase yields and reduce product costs for our clients. We’re always looking for ways to improve yields at all stages of production (fabrication, assembly, and test) and protect our customers from supply interruptions.

We provide the following test services for silicon wafers and chips:

  • technological consulting on IC testing (OWT, CP, FT);
  • selection of testing services provider;
  • development of hardware and software for testing (PCB, probe cards);
  • automated testing of wafers up to 12″ and chips in different packages;
  • qualification tests and failure analysis;
  • electronic validity maps issue;
  • yield analysis and optimization;
  • IC reliability test;
  • selection and delivery of test sockets.