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17 August 2018

Helic Introduces Pharos, a New Tool for Electromagnetic Crosstalk Risk Analysis

August 17th, 2018Helic, Inc., the industry-leading provider of electromagnetic crosstalk solutions for System-on-Chips (SOCs), announced Pharos to help designers identify and alleviate high-risk areas for electromagnetic (EM) and substrate crosstalk induced failures. Pharos combines industry’s largest capacity EM extraction engine with proprietary high-performance simulation technology, allowing designers to quickly uncover and highlight nets that are susceptible to EM crosstalk in their design.

Markets such as automotive, internet of things (IoT) and large-scale computing and networking are driving the need for high density chips that integrate sensitive RF/analog IP with noisy digital cores, while operating at the lowest power and fastest bandwidth possible. These trends significantly increase electromagnetic coupling, requiring designers to efficiently detect, analyze and fix EM crosstalk-susceptible blocks/nets in their design.

“Helic leads with our Model Everything technology delivering the highest capacity and most accurate extraction and simulation solutions for EM crosstalk analysis at the SoC level,” said Dr. Magdy Abadir, Helic’s VP of Marketing. “Our customers demand a methodology that quickly assess EM crosstalk susceptibility of critical nets to help decrease the risk of design failure. We introduced Pharos to answer this need.”

Traditionally, designers try to identify potential EM crosstalk problems by simulating a small sample of nets based on past experience, under numerous scenarios that mimic block’s operating conditions. In many cases, traditional methods fail to discover the EM crosstalk problems in higher density and higher performance designs, mainly because of design’s sheer size. This results to re-spins and/or sub-optimal designs.

Pharos performs EM analysis and provides a prioritized list of potential EM crosstalk aggressors per victim net, allowing designers to focus attention on those nets that have a higher risk of EM crosstalk induced failures. Various reports and color maps help designers visually inspect the magnitude of EM crosstalk for each aggressor to victim nets.

The addition of Pharos solidifies Helic’s leadership position in creating modern signoff solutions for EM crosstalk.

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