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27 April 2020

Imec, Nautech Corporation and ProbaLab with the support of the Skolkovo Foundation’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology Cluster will help Skolkovo participants organize manufacturing of prototypes and engineering samples of integrated circuits

Nautech Corporation and the ProbaLab Center for Collective Use will support Skolkovo participants in organizing IC manufacturing in frames of EUROPRACTICE IC Service program.

Skolkovo participants will be able to place orders through the WWW.SKOLKOVO.TOOLS website for manufacturing of engineering samples of chips using MPW shuttles (350 nm to 16 nm) at special prices within the framework of the EUROPRACTICE IC Service program.

Technical support of these orders will be handled by Nautech Corporation together with its Belgian partner imec, Europe’s largest independent microelectronics research center. Nautech Corporation specialists will also offer consulting and technical assistance to Skolkovo participants in solving all tasks related to design and manufacturing of their ICs.

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