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4 September 2017

NAUTECH announces collaboration with Helic, first customer win in the Russian semiconductor market

September 4th, 2017 – NAUTEСH Corporation, the exclusive representative for Helic, Inc in Russia and the CIS countries, announces the first customer win for Helic’s Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software tools. After a thorough technical evaluation, the prestigious Scientific Research Institute for System Analysis of Russian Academy of Sciences (SRISA) decided to use VeloceRF® for the design of passive devices and modeling of Electromagnetic effects for their next generation of high-speed transceivers using a TSMC 28nm process.

Designing the physical layer of a high-speed serial transceiver can be challenging on many levels. The higher speeds stress the capabilities even of the most advanced fabrication processes. The limited available gain and the need to use area-optimized, multi-layer inductive elements to extend bandwidth, reduce reflection losses and phase noise.

SRISA’ serial transceiver’s multi-standard physical level is designed to maximize the performance in complex system conditions typical for high-performance computing. This is an area-intensive, low power consumption IP core, designed with a system-oriented approach that allows for application flexibility and easy integration into an SoC. Satisfying these requirements, Helic’s solutions assist SRISA in building a new high-speed multiprotocol proprietary IP core, that is ideal for meeting the challenges of advanced-node designs.

Helic’s VeloceRF is an inductor, transformer and transmission line synthesis and modeling tool. VeloceRF integrates with leading EDA platforms, instantiates guarranted DRC-clean, parametric cell layouts that are ready to tapeout and provides highly accurate SPICE models, silicon verified up to 110GHz for process nodes down to 7nm.

VeloceRF accelerates the design cycle by greatly reducing the time it takes to synthesize and model complex spiral devices and T-lines. With VeloceRF, it takes only a few seconds to compile an inductor or transformer geometry, model and analyze complex inductors.

Besides VeloceRF, Helic offers very high capacity Electromagnetic (EM) modeling tools both for front-end, pre-LVS EM analysis as well for back-end, post-LVS EM sign-off.

RaptorX™ is a novel pre-LVS EM modeling software. The limitless capacity of its engine in combination with highly accurate results and blazing fast modeling times are the core differentiating factors compared to any other traditional EM tool currently available.

As the complexity of the circuit increases, a design comprises hundreds of ports or nets. RaptorX is the only product in the market that, due to its unrivalled capacity, can calculate RLCk parasitics for highly complex circuits such as power grids and clock trees.

Exalto™ is Helic’s EM extraction sign-off solution. Exalto is a powerful post-LVS RLCk extraction software that enables IC design engineers to accurately predict electromagnetic coupling effects during the sign-off phase.

Exalto can capture unknown crosstalk among different blocks in the design hierarchy by extracting lumped-element parasitics and generating an accurate model for electrical, magnetic and substrate coupling. Exalto interfaces with most LVS tools and can complement the RC extraction tool of your choice.

With Exalto the designer can combine fully coupled EM models for critical nets/passive devices with RC extracted netlists for the rest of the circuit into a single extracted view or netlist. Can run multiple “what-if” scenarios with different sets of critical nets without ever touching the original test bench schematic since the Exalto extracted model is automatically back-annotated to the original schematic or LPE-extracted netlist.

About Helic

Helic provides Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software that mitigates the risk of Electromagnetic Crosstalk in high-speed and low-power System on Chip Designs. Since 2000, Helic’s technology enabled analog/RF and high-frequency IC design engineers to synthesize inductive devices and model electromagnetic and parasitic phenomena with accuracy, speed and seamless design flow interoperability. In the last few years, as frequency, bandwidth and level of integration continue to escalate, Helic tools are being used by top semiconductor companies to debug and analyze Electromagnetic Crosstalk issues in their advanced SOC designs. These designs span market applications such as wireless communications, automotive, high-speed networking, and IoT. Helic is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, has design centers in Greece and Ireland, sales and marketing offices in Austin, Japan, Korea, Israel Taiwan and Germany. NAUTEСH Corporation is the exclusive representative for Helic in Russia and the CIS countries.


NAUTECH Corporation is the largest service aggregator for design and production of VLSI circuits in Russia.

NAUTECH offers a broad range of licensed IP-cores as well as services for development and production of ASICs and SoCs. Its portfolio includes soft IP and hard IP furnished by over 30 suppliers from the USA, Canada, Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, Australia and India.

Founded in 2008, NAUTECH now is the largest aggregator in Russia and CIS countries for VLSI circuits prototyping, production and packaging services, offering solutions up to 16 nm technology node.

NAUTECH is the official representative for IMEC (Belgium) in Russia and the CIS, thus having priority with TSMC (Taiwan) foundry services.


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