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22 January 2020

The Imagination University Programme returns

January 22nd, 2020Imagination announced that the Imagination University Programme is back:

Originally running between the years of 2014 and 2017, hundreds of students took advantage of the course where they enjoyed the opportunity to work with and program a real-world core based on current IP. Following our transition to new ownership, the refreshed Imagination University Programme (IUP) course looks to harness the core strength of the company, namely low-power GPUs for efficient embedded graphics processing (ranging from the entry-level for TV GUIs up to high-performance gaming) and neural network accelerators for edge-based artificial intelligence.

The new Imagination University Programme website is now up and running and is open for registrations. Please join and we will keep you informed as new projects come on stream. As before, our commitment is to make it easier for teachers at undergraduate and graduate level to incorporate leading-edge technologies into their courses. Furthermore, we are committed to making all of our materials available in both Chinese and English.

As a start, the original “Introduction to Mobile Graphics” course is now back online and registered IUP members can download these materials. This provides a complete semester-long course taking students through the basics of graphics and the use of the tools needed to optimise performance and power. These original materials use Open GLES 2.0 There are also video tutorials illustrating the key elements of the course.

The IUP website is our hub: this is how we will serve the needs of teachers. It handles membership, downloads, licenses, questions, and information. The resources section is where all teaching materials will be located, the books section offers useful suggestions on popular textbooks, and the forum is an open area for questions about the IUP, its activities, or specifics about the materials. We will add an events section and a gallery as we head into universities with workshops and seminars.

So, what new things can you expect? We are delighted that Dr. Darren McKie from the University of Hull has taken a new commission to update “Introduction to Mobile Graphics”. Version 2 of this course will add examples for Open GL ES 3.2 and Vulkan, using the latest version of our free-to-download PowerVR Software Development Kit. We will highlight high-end platforms such as the Acer Chromebook and low-end embedded platforms such as the BeagleBoard.

Beta-test is early in 2020 and full release in the spring. New videos and workshops will follow. These materials will be available in Chinese soon after and will be featured on a powerful new online-learning platform in China.

We are also working on a new artificial intelligence course. Focused on low-power edge-AI applications, we want to create the benchmark course which will enable teachers to bring the world of AI algorithms to life for students so that they can all graduate with a good grasp of both the fundamentals and the practice. We are actively looking for both authors and beta-testers for this new course. If that is you, please let us know!

You may also be able to help with another project. We want to fund the writing of a new textbook about mobile graphics, and our PowerVR architecture. Ideally, we would like this to start life as a Chinese textbook.

The new IUP website is now open for registrations.

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