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6 December 2019

Wave Computing Signs New License Agreement with MediaTekGlobal Fabless Semiconductor Leader is Leveraging Wave Computing’s MIPS Processors to Power System-on-Chip (SoC) Designs for Mobile, Home Entertainment and IoT Devices

December 6th, 2019Wave Computing, the Silicon Valley company accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) from the data center to the edge, announced MediaTek has signed a new license agreement for Wave Computing’s MIPS® cores, designed for high-performance wireless communications, networking, automotive and AI applications, to fuel its next generation of connected products. Building on the existing relationship between the two companies, MediaTek’s selection of Wave Computing’s MIPS processors further demonstrates the performance and efficiency advantages MIPS’ multithreading technology can provide for real-time, parallel, intelligent edge applications.

“We are delighted that MediaTek, a leader in powering connected devices, has once again selected our industry-leading MIPS architecture for use in its forthcoming designs,” said Krishna Raghavan, president of Wave Computing’s MIPS IP business. “Wave Computing’s MIPS architecture is grounded in over 30 years of commercial innovation and used in many of today’s edge devices and applications. MediaTek’s extended use of MIPS technology adds to the list of recent milestones demonstrating the widespread adoption and growing, global ecosystem of support for Wave Computing’s MIPS RISC CPU architecture.”

MediaTek is the world’s fourth largest global fabless semiconductor company responsible for powering more than 1.5 billion connected devices a year including smart TVs, mobile phones, Android tablets, Optical and Blu-ray DVD players. In September 2017, the company announced its intent to utilize Wave Computing’s MIPS CPUs in its smartphone LTE modems.

“MIPS CPUs offer a combination of efficiency and high throughput, enabling improved system performance so consumers can do more with their devices,” said Alan Cheng, general manager of Wireless Communication Software, MediaTek. “Using the MIPS multithreading technology in MediaTek’s connected products helps us to continue our leadership role in designing high performance, power-efficient solutions for mobile and beyond.”

Wave Computing’s MIPS multithreading technology – unique in the processor IP space – enables MIPS CPUs to do more work during each clock cycle. Using multithreading microprocessors in edge applications not only helps increase performance, but also improves security, reliability, and makes it possible to run multiple functions independently of each other while reducing costs and latency.

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